more gigposterings… unfinished atm, need to sort that type out
screencap of splash spread from the magazine i’m working onhope my russian is up to scratch XD
last spread one imma uploadcannot wait to get this all printed n tingssss
spready spred spreads
another spread from the aforementioned magazine
spread of a magazine i’m working on
some magazine cover i’m workin on
doin a vinyl sleeve for a psyche bandd. its WELL FUN
i drewed dis at my lecture
v&a illustration awardings submissions if i’ve posted this before.
currently designing the logo, packaging, stationary and website for a wine vinyard (called swallow hill) based in south africa. this flock of swallows is going to be flying around the bottle.
http://imaginethat.bigcartel.comA2 screenprint of an illustration i did, being printed by the good folks at Imagine That!pre-order it, you know you want to…. 
give that bitch a photoshopped swallow. bitches love swallows.
yeah so me and my friends are fucking about potentially gonna be getting some tshirts and other shit printed… we know we’re shit but we’re gonna do it’s one of the designs.feel free to go like our page if you want. not much uploaded yet, it’s all hush hush.  safe 
my CV redesign.  it would SUPER help me out if you could head onto behance and press the appreciate button :) (obviously dont press the button if you think my work is shit, i only want legit appreciations :D) SAFE