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get em!


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have u ever seen that sketch from family guy where they mock loose women? its all these women just clucking** over each other as loudly as possible

yeah i hate sitting next to that at restaurants

shrill drunk women are the worst. no one cares about your gossip shutup and let the rest of us enjoy our meals ffs

** they use chicken squaking sounds for the voiceovers

joy o’s essential mix is great


Annual Report
by Albert Ibanyez

rashad died just a few weeks after i heard this in a club for the first time……..
)-‘: R.I.P


Valentin Leonida


Valentin Leonida created the series ‘Heads’ as an attempt to turn our inside world out. With titles such as ‘Melancholia’, ‘Concentration’ or ‘Serpent Mind’, he expresses different emotions in sharp and significant drawings.

The illustrator states: “Humans can make more than 20 distinct facial expressions but the most important thing is to see the expression from inside. I depicted here just 5 expressions. I put some elusive titles to let the viewer to imagine the state of each character.”
More of his works can be found on his Facebook and Valentin Behance.


Anonymous asks: You have the ability to speak for all men? The question was "do men like it shaved down there?" and I think the answer clearly is yes!! Nobody wants hair in their mouth after eating pussy, just like girls prefer if we shave down there too for the same reason. I am pretty sure you don't have the authority to speak for all men, especially when you have never even shown yourself to be a man....


You’re so pathetically inept that you can’t even see that the problem isn’t with your preference.  You’re essentially saying “you haven’t proven you’re a man, therefore you cannot speak for men.  However, I [the submitter] am a man, therefore my opinion on what a woman should do with her pubic hair should be heard and respected.”  Substitute “pubic hair” with anything else I’d bet you’d have the same point-of-view, which brings us to my point.  To men like you, it’s a man’s world and what man wants man gets. I truly could not care less what you prefer, it’s your fucking entitlement that makes my skin crawl.

not that i agree with what Anon said in the slightest

but that response was pretty hyperbolic

loool neek

loool neek

yeaa ive noticed that correlation phillike no, fuck off and get a job you self entitled wanker

yeaa ive noticed that correlation phil

like no, fuck off and get a job you self entitled wanker


"its painful for us as human beings, not as jews, as muslims, or as christians… as human beings" - director of a children’s hospital that was bombed in gaza, stood outside in tears while being interviewed on bbc news

while that facist pig netanyahu says “we will continue to act aggressively and responsibly, be prepared for a prolonged campaign” (or something, i didnt quite catch it)

how long will these zionist neo-nazis go on their barbaric rampage

objekt - the goose that got away

those stabs man.

literally perfect production. on this one. you can tell it’s brilliant even on shitty youtube quality

related quote from an article on objekt

"In an age of oversaturation and overexposure, where people feel the need to upload their entire life stories to Soundcloud after two weeks of watching Logic tutorials"

You object to the simplified classification of mankind into rich and poor. Of course there is a middle stratum, there is the technical intelligentsia that you have mentioned and among which there are very good and very honest people. Among them there are also dishonest and wicked people, there are all sorts of people among them, But first of all mankind is divided into rich and poor, into property owners and exploited; and to abstract oneself from this fundamental division and from the antagonism between poor and rich means abstracting oneself from the fundamental fact. I do not deny the existence of intermediate middle strata, which either take the side of one or the other of these two conflicting classes, or else take up a neutral or semi-neutral position in this struggle. But, I repeat, to abstract oneself from this fundamental division in society and from the fundamental struggle between the two main classes means ignoring facts. The struggle is going on and will continue. The outcome will be determined by the proletarian class, the working class.



HEAT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jelly Jams - Emotions
Crazy Cousinz - Inflation
Murlo - Last Dance
Sean Paul & Hard House Banton - Temperature vs Sirens (The Heatwave Refix)
Champion - Lighter VIP
Black Motion feat Jah Rich - Banane Mavoko (Real Clap)
Murlo - Coral
QQ - Tek It To Dem (Kalbata Remix)
Apple - Goy Goy Cowbell
Doc Daneeka - Hold On
DJ Gregory - Attend 1
DJ Gregory and Gregor Salto - Canoa
Kele Le Roc - That Rhythm (Spooky’s Funky Remix)
DJ Gregory - Block Party
Headtop - Mad Shit
Batida - Algeria


jelly jams!!!!

sick mix (as always) by Riz

if u like grime garage dubstep uk funky etc…. make sure u folllow this guy’s soundcloud. great DJ


The “incentive” cover I did for dead letters.

on a scale from 1 to fucking flawless d-pi’s work is off the scale imogreat artist


The “incentive” cover I did for dead letters.

on a scale from 1 to fucking flawless d-pi’s work is off the scale imo

great artist