idm is shit

wat the fuk homie

4 hours sleep again

apparently some stupid bitch been feeding seaguls round my bit, now i have to sleep with the window closed during summer because the seaguls shout every morning and wake me up

my room is like a furnace

if i ever find out who it is im going to brick her fucking windows

never had this problem any other years ffss

gonna buy an air rifle today and start cappin

sky vermin

RWD.FM - 7/19/14


No Chuck Fugly on the mic, he had to do laundry…..some excuse lol. Anyway, warmed up with some reggae then went into the power hour with new dubs by Vax and EshOne. Went into a different tip with Swamp Hour and did more of garage vibe/roots of dubstep back when it was all skip and swing. Honestly, I kinda want to find more UKG stuff now lol. Oh btw, i’m making my return at LOWLIFE at the Other Side in Wilkes-Barre PA on August 9th (… should come check me out and all the other fantastic DJs on that line-up. It’s finna get rowdy!

posting so i remember to czech this out later

u dont need any info about this one, the tracklist says it all

peng one two

Mumdance & Logos – Border Drone [Dub]
Facta – ? [Dub]
Hodge – Untitled [Forthcoming]
Cliques – Chro (Wen Remix) [Dub]
Asusu – Velez [Livity Sound]
Spatial – Primitives (Bass Clef Remix) [Forthcoming]
Facta – Drumtrack [Dub]
Dusk + Blackdown – Peng One Two [Dub]
Facta – Poliwhirl [Forthcoming]
Toasty – Bump [Dub]
Acre – Meridian [Dub]
Peverelist – Roll With The Punches (Kowton Dub Mix) [Forthcoming]
Rabit & Feloneezy – The Nine [Dub]
Facta – Quince [Dub]
Parris – Pressure [Dub]
Facta – Ize Kashmir [Dub]
Etch – Seaside Curse [Dub]
Epoch – Aerospace [Dub]
Karma – Heal [Dub]
Lurka – Choke [Dub]
JT the Goon – Twin Warriors (Rabit Remix) [Dub]
K-Lone – Aqueous [Dub]
Facta – ? [Dub]
Wen & Parris – ? [Dub]
Ishan Sound – Rush on the Tonic [Dub]
E.M.M.A – Candy Stripe [Dub]
E.M.M.A – Mirage [Dub]


Designer of the week - 21/07/2014

Karming Wong    |

Karming Wong is a graphic designer based in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, who practices craftsmanship, across print, web and a bit of creative writing. He likes to combine art and design together as he believes that there’s a interrelationship between two.

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Herausgefordert. Die Geschichte der Basler Zeitung
by Andreas Hidber

rabit & riko - black dragons



I just remembered, I told this annoying girl last nite that my favorite song EVER was “Magic Window” by Boards of Canada, how beautiful, inspiring, life-affirming it is, all that. She even wrote it down in her phone so she could check it out “as soon as she got home.”

I bet she thinks I’m a real a-hole about now. Lol.

loooool thats hilarious

if a girl trolled me to this degree i think i would fall in love with her



This needs to stop

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The Abyss Table is a stunning coffee table that mimics the depths of the ocean with stacked layers of wood and glass. Made by London-based furniture design company Duffy London, the limited-edition piece comes with the hefty price tag of £5,800 (nearly $10,000).


so cool


Illustrator & Artist:

Sergio Navajas



"Republica - Serj .No gastes tu tiempo comprando ataúdes hoy."




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free plugins. theyre pretty good so you might have them already, but anyhoo……….

thank me later

actually thank the guy whos blog told me about these a while ago. i forget who it was. bigup that guy

doom on the other hand is a genius

been listening to special herbs for a while now today. so sik