just discovered gif boom

never have i found a more wretched hive of scum and vanity

selfies r soooo whack


Packaging Concept by Josh White and Juan Coca
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looool wtf
happy 420 u stoner retards

its a beautiful time to be alive 

went to 10 Years of Hyperdub rave the other day

kode9 , ikonika , dva , terror danjah

absolutely unreal sets from all of them. cant really remember many tunes that ikonika played cos i was too wasted at that point but not once during the whole night did i think “lol fuk this tune, think ill go to the bar”. sign of a strong set imo

kode9 rollin out loadsa dank juke was the highlight tho. and Uh getting wheeled. and Black Sun


am i the only guy that thinks spoky black is a shit culturally appropriating little hipster with a hollow and whiney voice?

sounds like my chimney on a windy day



old new york